Description  :

  • are used during coronary catheterization to gain access to the femoral artery through groin .

Features :

  • ATRAUMATIC TIP GEOMETRY : Advanced radiofrequency shaping technology creates a long , continuously smooth taper , for  minimum resistance during insertions.
  • Kink resistant system achieved by using the right material, durometer and thickness.   This allows -45Degree angle without kinking or collapsing.
  • MATERIAL: High grade biocompatible medical polymers.
  • COATING: available with Hydrophilic coating for easy insertion of the device into the body tissue and vessels and easy insertion of the catheter to the sheath.
  • SEAMLESS:smooth transition from Dilator-to sheath and from guide wire to dilator. This feature Minimize the possibility of damaging tissue upon sheath entry, advancement or removal.
  • HEMOSTASIS VALVE : Minimize blood leakage facilitates insertion and withdrawal of
  • SNAP FIT DILATOR : Eliminates slipping during the insertion, easy to grasp surface with an audible snap.


  • Sizes 6Fr and 7Fr
  • Femoral and radial sizes Sheath
  • compatible Extension tube : 19 cm , with 3 way connector
  • Guide wire : 0.035» X 50 cm J-end 3mm S.S
  • Box 5 pieces


  • Guide  wires  are  used  for percutaneous introduction of catheter.


  • J-Tip allows for quick advancement while reduce the risk of trauma to the patient.
  • Tapered core , tip flexibility facilitates finger straightening and passage through tortuous anatomy .
  • Pre coated design ensures uniform coating and reduced friction.


  • Standard available: 3mm J-Tip , fixed core , , 0.035” X 150cm , PTFE coated  guide wire
  • Also available upon customer request: J-tip or straight tip Fixed core or movable core 60cm to 260cm 0.018” to 0.038” OD

Description :

  • Manifolds are used mainly during coronary Angiography (Diagnostic) and Angioplasty (Therapeutic)  Procedures . It allows fluid flow control without the need of disconnecting existing lines for connecting new fluid lines .
  • It is connected to : Catheter , Saline solution bag , Contrast medium and monitoring system


  • BODY : Made of clear Polycarbonate material allows easy visibility for de bubbling .
  • Finger grip design for easy handling .
  • Large bore inner lumen (2.3mm Diameter) throughout including rotator for volume control and high flow rates.


  • Smooth turning , leak free handles.
  • Easy grip handle for effortless grip and turn.
  • Clear identifies on off options .
  • Requires minimal stopcock manipulation.


  • 6” extended tube 1 fold , 2 folds and 3 folds Manifolds with pressure rating up to 500 PSI


  • Contrast injection lines are typically used to connect the power injector to the catheter or manifold, and can also be used as extension tubing between the manifold and catheter.


  • Ideal for all power injector Applications.
  • Offered in a variety of lengths.
  • Available with or without high pressure rotating adapter.
  • Clear PVC tubing for easy DE bubbling.


  • Low pressure injection lines(LPIL) up to 500 PSI
  • High pressure injection lines (HPIL)up to 1000 PSI


  • Hemostasis Y-connector is used during coronary Angioplasty procedures.
  • It prevents back-Bleeding (Blood loss) while the balloon catheter/Guide wire is inserted into the guiding catheter , and provides easy manipulation during placement while securing catheter position.


  • Easy Push pull mechanism allows single handed manipulation to open and close the valve while introducing devices into the vasculature.
  • Well-designed hemostasis seal minimizes blood loss while marinating the ability to manipulate interventional devices.
  • The Valve features fine pitch threads for gentle closure without kinking wire or catheters.
  • Passages accommodate catheters up to 9fr.
  • Airless rotator minimizes the possibilities of trapped air.


  • Brightly colored torque device body improves visualization under low light conditions.
  • Copper collet which provides a fantastic grip on surface.
  • Can handle variety of sizes.
  • Easy grip ridges Enhance steering steering and torque performance.
  • One handed operation : squeeze cap to load , release to torque. Large inner lumens.


  • 2- METALLIC INSERTION TOOL :designed to facilitate the introduction of guide wires up to 0.018”
  • 3-TORQUER : It is designed to facilitate steering of 0.01” to 0.014”  guide wires inside the vasculature .