Description :

  • Sclerotherapy injection needles are used for injection of sclerosing
    or hemostatic drugs to the oesophageal varices using endoscope.
  • By doing this it controls present hemorrhage or potential haemorrage in the digestive system.

Features :

  • Needle and tip :Colored tip highly visible in bloody field
  • Retractable lockable needle , optimizes control during procedure.
  • Smooth bevel needle to facilitate injection.
  • Sheath : strong push able to facilitate advancement through difficult anatomy.
    All made of PTFE
  • Transparent sheath permits visual identification of sclerosant flow , injictant
    or blood.
  • Handle : Easy grip handle

Specification :

  • Available in working length 200cm
  • G25 : for small puncture
  • G21 : for higher flow and fast injection
  • provide patient comfort and prevent damage from the Endoscope

Patient :

  • Do not irritate tooth and mouth.
  • soft surround flange to provide improved positioning and patient comfort.
  • Smooth edges , Compatible with mouth anatomy.

Endoscopy :

  • Fits different sizes of endoscopes.
  • Large port for added comfort
  • Easy access for suction
  • supplied with an optional strap to secure the mouth-guard in
    place if desired .
  • Individually wrapped – sterile
  • Six easy to visualise black latex rubber bands per cylinder.
  • Different color second last band The rubber rings have a relatively smaller inner
  • diameter after firing which gives high tightening force.
  • Transparent Clear vision improves doctors performance.
  • Deployment Cord is made 0f special material with no elasticity and endoscope safe.

Feeding catheter :

  • Features :Nasogastric , orogastric or nasojejunal catheter
    designed for enteral feeding in the neonatal or
    paediatric intensive care setting.
  • Available in high grade biocompatible PVC and
    Polyurethane material for long term usage .
  • Catheter have both an end port at the rounded tip and offset , opposing side ports to provide
  • accurate positional delivery of enteral solutions and obstruction free sampling
  • Visible under X-ray for easy verification of tip placement.
  • Depth marking graduated every centimeter.
  • Polyurethane catheters can indwell for longer time without adverse effects.
  • It avoids multiple placements as Multiple placements are highly traumatic to a baby›s delicate tissues and can lead to oral aversion and hyperactive gag reflexes .