• Bevel geometry and ultra sharpness insure minimum traumatization and puncture pain.
  • Ultra thin wall insure painless insertion and superior blood flow.


  • Highest Grade silicon material together with a sophisticated dry siliconization process to insure :
  • Silicon coating on the outer cannula surface which provide optimum lubrication in puncturing and withdrawing.
  • Silicon coating of the cannula lumen prevent the adherent of blood components.
  • Dry siliconization insures no silicon enter circulation.

HUB and Wings :

  • Hub : is geometrically designed to insure laminar flow which leads to maximum blood flow and effective dialysis .
  • Wings are textured to ensure secure grip during needle manipulation.

Soft flexible antikink tube :

  • To insure patient confortable , shock absorbance and reduce needle movement in patient.

Integrated light weight clamp:

  • Efficiently operated with one hand to insure safe and rapid clamping in emergency cases.

Tapered female leur

  • to insure laminar blood flow and easy connection with all blood lines.
  • Textured rough female leur lock design for easier opening.

Tapered Adhesive material

  •  to help eliminating puncture site bleeding by simply advance the conical hub so that it blugs the bleeding site


  • CANNULA  :
  • Sizes  : G15 / G16 / G17
  • Back eye or without back eye
  • Wing color – common :White for G15 / Green for G16 / Orange for G17

Tube Length :  

  • 15cm / 20cm/25cm/30cm/others
  • Miniclamp :  Blue /Red/ white

Package :

  • Single package: one piece / package
  • Double package: two pieces / package
  • Economic package : one arterial needle with backeye marked with red clamp together with venous needle without back eye marked with blue clamp.

Dialyzer connector :

  • Optimum combination of flexibility and stiffness of the material used.
  • Flexibility element to ensure reliable , sealed connection.
  • Color coded with large wings for better grip and easy handling

Drip chamber :

  • Antifoaming to minimize splashing
  • Versatile medication port
  • Pre-pump chambers are rigid non collapsible
  • Venous drip chambers are pliable and designed for perfect fitting with most of the dialysis machines.
  • Filter design reduces clotting and allow quick priming.

Injection ports :

  • Large finger guard helps protect the user from accidental needle stick.
  • Smooth latex free port for easy injection.

Transducer protector :

  • Engineered to maintain monitoring while decreasing exposure to the dialysis machine.
  • Able to resist high operating pressures.

Connectors :

  • Tapered male leur to insure laminar blood flow and easy connection with all fistula needles.
  • Textured rough roller lock design for easier and firm locking.

Clamps :

  • Color coded for easy identification.
  • Efficiently operated with one hand to insure safe and rapid clamping in emergency cases.

Tubes :

  • The optimum mix between wall thickness and sure hardness makes our tubes :
  • Withstand pressure and manipulations
  • Excellent performance under conditions of high flow rates and pressure in the dialysis circuit.
  • Highly biocompatible as been tested in the world most recognizable laboratories.
  • Available in clear and frosted versions.

Pump segment :

  • Resist fatigue which insure that the patient received the prescribed Kt/V without increasing negative pressures.
  • Pump segment material insure maximum refilling after roller pump strokes even in case of high negative arterial pressure.

Ordering Options :

  • Tubing : OD 6.5 / 6.8mm tubing STANDARD
  • Pump segment :
  • OD 9.6mm X 40cm STANDARD
  • OD 12mm X30 cm        STANDARD
  • Heparine pump connection OPTIONAL
  • Pillow for pressure monitoring OPTIONAL
  • Priming bag OPTIONAL
  • Pre-pump blood chamber OPTIONAL
  • V. administration set OPTIONAL


Our economy set features the following  :


Description :

  • Contamination of the Hemodialysis Machine by blood born pathogens could be very dangerous and can lead to patient cross contamination with Hepatitis B or other viruses.
  • Transducer protectors are used in hemodialysis blood lines to keep the blood side of the circuit separated from the machine side.
  • Transducer protectors let air pass to measure pressure while preventing the blood from passing through .

Features :

  • Antibacterial Hydrophobic air Filter with 0.2 micron pore size.
  • Effective barrier against bacterial and viral cross contamination at pressures up to 600 mmHg.
  • Robotic assembly technology
  • Air flow design allows quick response time and fewer false alarms.
  • Female leur lock, Male leur slip ensures safe and secure connections.
  • Ridged finger grip around the outside for better grip.
  • Light weight and rigid design helps to withstand pneumatic pulsing.
  • Colored housing available upon request for identification.