Interventional Radiology


  • Needle Biopsy is procedure to obtain a sample of cells from the body for laboratory testing. Soft tissue needle biopsy may be used to take tissue from breast, Kidney, Liver, lung, prostate or thyroid.


  • Light weight and compact design facilitates one-handed operation during
  • Razor sharp bevel for quick and easy penetration.
  • Precise, rapid-firing mechanism provides intact core tissue sample.
  • Sharp cutting edges of cannula help assure an intact 20mm core tissue
  • Two notch sizes 10 mm or 20 mm provide controlled, precise sampling for a variety of procedural situations.
  • Cutting cannula marked in 1 cm increments.
  • Available with co-axial needle.
  • Each needle has an echogenic tip for accurate placement by ultrasonic guidance.


  • Biopsy needles are used for taking a range of tissue specimen, including those from breast , kidneys , prostate and liver . These tissue specimens are then checked by pathologists for diseases as cancer.


  • Angiotech/Pro-mag 2.2
  • Bard/biopty.
  • Gallini / ABS.
  • US Biopsy / MBD23
  • Sharp Bevel for safe , easy and painless percutaneous insertion and penetration.
  • Depth market cannula , centimeter markings to allow penetration
  • Echogenic needle tip for easy positioning under ultrasound
  • Can be used with introducer coaxial needles.


  • 16 G  , Length 10 cm , 15cm and 20cm

Description :

  • Entry needle or vascular access needle is a thin walled cannula with a sharp bevel that is used to puncture skin and gain access to arteries and veins.


  • Bevel:High – Precision simple lancet bevel tip processing has excellent puncture performance.
  • Unique bevel grind angles to reduce insertion force and facilitate entry to tissue and vessel walls.
  • Bevel heal is specially treated to protect the guide wire from cutting or nicking , while assuring smooth insertion .
  • Optional and according to customer need : Echo enhanced tip.

Hub :

  • Carefully designed needle Hub made from crystal clear polycarbonate assures firm gripping and easy visualization of the guide wire and blood flash back.
  • Ergonomic feel and reference point to orient bevel. Designed for smooth guide wire insertion and removal of the needle over the wire.

Wall :

  • Application of unique-thin walled tube has resulted in enhancing the flexibility of manipulation required for the needles .
  • This feature with the hub design greatly facilitates smooth insertion to the target site and reduce tissue damage during entry.


  • 18G (Most common), Length 70mm , Max. Guide wire : 0.038″
  • 19G , Length 70mm , Max. Guide wire : 0.035”


  • Guide  wires  are  used  for percutaneous introduction of catheters.


  • J-Tip allows for quick advancement while reduce the risk of trauma to the patient.
  • Tapered core , tip flexibility facilitates finger straightening and passage through tortuous anatomy .
  • Pre coated design ensures uniform coating and reduced friction.


  • Standard available: 3mm J-Tip , fixed core , , 0.035” X 150cm , PTFE coated  guide wire
  • Also available upon customer request: J-tip or straight tip Fixed core or movable core 60cm to 260cm 0.018” to 0.038” OD

Description :

  • A wide range of Dilators for vascular and non vascular access.

Features :

  • Components are made of Soft Material for a non-traumatic dilation.


  • Fr. Sizes : 14/12/10/8/6/5 Fr.