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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
PortOne way – 2 way – 3 way
OrientationRight – Left Handed orientation
Optional manifold kit (contents)3-port manifold with rotating male luer lock
150 cm Pressure Line with female luer
150 cm IV Non-Vented Chamber Set with Roller clamp
150 cm Contrast Media Set without chamber
18 Ga Introducer Needle
10 or 12 ml Control Syringe (Optional)

Product code references

Reference codeProduct name
00200Single Manifold , (100Pcs/Box)
00201Double Manifold ,(100Pcs/Box)
00202Triple Manifold, (100Pcs/Box)
CSMS04Manifold, 2 control syringe, 2 infusion sets , 1 Pressure lines , stopcock
CSMS01Manifold,Dose-Control Syringe , 1 infusion set , 2 pressure Lines.

Other codes available upon request.

Product Features