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Gauze Swabs

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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
MaterialCotton Absorbent
Non woven cellulose
Plies8-12-16 ply
Sizes2.5×2.5 cm – 5x5cm 7.5×7.5cm – 10×10 cm – 10x20cm
TypesNon-woven standard – waterproof film
X-ray ThreadWith

Product Reference Codes

Reference codeProduct name
GS02Gauze Swabs 7.5×7.5cm
GS03Gauze Swabs 10x10cm

Other codes are available upon request.

Product Features

Product reference codes

Component/ AspectOptions
TypeRegular – safety – Insulin
Needles1mm/2mm – 1.5mm/3mm – 3mm/4mm
ConnectionLuer Slip – Luer lock – Infit – eccentric luer tip
Tip TypeCentric – Eccentric – Catheter
Needle sizes / lengthSizes : 14G to 30G Length : 13,16,19,25,32,38 mm
Insulin type volumes0.3 ml – 0.5 ml – 1 ml
Insulin type needle size/lengthSizes : 27G , 30G , 31G Length : 8.13mm

Other codes are available upon request.