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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
TubingStandard tubing
Tubing sizeCuffed (from 2.5mm ID to 9.5mm ID)
Uncuffed (from 4mm ID to 10mm ID)
CuffWith cuff
Without cuff
Connector15mm OD connector
PackagingIndividual packing in blister pack
SterilizationNon-sterile clean room manufactured

Product reference codes

Reference codeProduct name
FTC04Tracheostomy, cuffed, 4 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTC05Tracheostomy, cuffed, 4.5 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTC06Tracheostomy, cuffed, 5 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTC07Tracheostomy, cuffed, 5.5 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTC08Tracheostomy, cuffed, 6 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTUC01Tracheostomy, Uncuffed, 4 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTUC02Tracheostomy, Uncuffed, 4.5 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTUC03Tracheostomy, Uncuffed, 5 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTUC04Tracheostomy, Uncuffed, 5.5 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)
FTUC05Tracheostomy, Uncuffed, 6 mm ID (100 Pcs/Box)

Product Features