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Dialysis Catheters

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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
Lumen typeSingle
Catheter length (cm)8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 20
Catheter diameter (fr)7, 8, 9, 12, 14
Vessel dilator (fr) 7, 8, 9, 12, 14
Guide wireStainless steel
Extension linesCurved
ScalpelSize 11
Echogenic introducer needleWith guiding syringe
2 way with hemostatic valve
Injection caps
Transparent catheter adhesiveOptional
Catheter tube securement adhesiveOptional
Patient identification stickerOptional

Product reference codes

Reference codeProduct name
FDS0810Dialysis Catheter Kit, Single Lumen , 8FX10cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDS1015Dialysis Catheter Kit, Single Lumen , 10FX15cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDD0912Dialysis Catheter Kit, Double Lumen , 9FX12cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDD1115Dialysis Catheter Kit, Double Lumen , 12FX15cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDD1120Dialysis Catheter Kit, Double Lumen , 12FX20cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDJ1110Dialysis Catheter Kit, Jugular, Double Lumen , 12FX10cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDJ1120Dialysis Catheter Kit, Jugular, Double Lumen , 12FX20cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDT1315Dialysis Catheter Kit, Triple Lumen , 13FX15cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDT1415Dialysis Catheter Kit, Triple Lumen , 14FX15cm , (120Pcs/Box)
FDT1420Dialysis Catheter Kit, Triple Lumen , 14FX20cm , (120Pcs/Box)

Other codes are available upon request.

Product Features