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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
MaterialCellulose Fibers derived from wood pulp
WidthFrom 50mm to 650mm
LengthFrom 70m to 200m
Sterilization compatibilityETO – Steam – Gamma – Formaldehyde

Product Reference Codes

Reference codeProduct name
CP001Green Crepe Paper 30x30cm (500 Pcs/ box)
CP002Green Crepe Paper 40x40cm (500 Pcs/ box)
CP003Green Crepe Paper 50x50cm (500 Pcs/ box)
CP004Green Crepe Paper 60x60cm (500 Pcs/ box)
CP005Green Crepe Paper 70x70cm (500 Pcs/ box)
CP006Green Crepe Paper 80x80cm (500 Pcs/ box)
CP007Green Crepe Paper 90x90cm (250 Pcs/ box)
CP008Green Crepe Paper 100x100cm (250 Pcs/ box)
CP009Green Crepe Paper 120x120cm (125 Pcs/ box)

Other codes are available upon request

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