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IV Cannulas

How to buy

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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
TypeWing/Butterfly type – Pen/straight type – Y type – injection port type – Scalp type
SafetySafety – Regular
Injection valveWith – without – integrated 3 way stopcock
WingedWith wing – without wing
Sizes Gauge14-16-17-18-20- 21-22-24-26
Length (mm)19-25-33-45 mm
Flow rate ml/min300-200-140-90-76-61- 54- 36-15-13
Tubing MaterialPTFE

Product reference codes

Reference codeProduct name
VC14Vascular Cannula 14G (Orange) (1000Pcs/Box)
VC16Vascular Cannula 16G (Grey) (1000Pcs/Box)
VC18Vascular Cannula 18G (Green) (1000Pcs/Box)
VC20Vascular Cannula 20G (Pink)(1000Pcs/Box)
VC22Vascular Cannula 22G (Blue)(1000Pcs/Box)
VC24Vascular Cannula 24G (Yellow)(1000Pcs/Box)
VC26Vascular Cannula 26G (Purple)(1000Pcs/Box)

Other codes are available upon request.

Product Features