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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
Tube typeCorrugated
Smooth core
Tube sizeAdult 22mm
Pediatric 15mm
Neonate 10mm
Tube materialLDPE
Tube length180cm/limb
Water trapWith
Without (commonly called anesthesia circuits)
ElbowWith gas monitoring port
Y pieceWith gas monitoring port
Connectors (mm)22, 15, 10
FiltersB/V filter adult
B/V filter pediatric
HME adult
HME pediatric
Anesthesia maskWith air cushion sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Catheter mountDouble swivel expandable tube
Regular connected corrugated
Gas sampling line (GSL)2m – 2.45m – 3m
M/M – M/F
With filter – without filter
Anesthesia bag (liters)0.5, 1, 1.5, 2
T-NebulizerT-piece with nebulizer cup
PackagingPolybag packaging without pamphlet
Thermoforming paper/film blister packaging
SterlizationNon-sterile clean room manufactured

Product reference codes

Reference codeProduct name
FBC22NBreathing Circuits – Adult – Non Sterile
FBC15NBreathing Circuits – Pediatric – Non Sterile
FBC10NBreathing Circuits – Neonatal – Non Sterile
FBC22FNBreathing Circuits Full Kit – Adult – Non Sterile
FBC15FNBreathing Circuits Full Kit – Pediatric – Non Sterile
FBC10FNBreathing Circuits Full Kit – Neonatal – Non Sterile
FAC22NAnesthesia Circuits -Adult – Non Sterile
FAC15NAnesthesia Circuits – Pediatric – Non Sterile
FAC10NAnesthesia Circuits – Neonatal – Non Sterile
FAC22FNAnesthesia Circuits Full Kit – Adult – Non Sterile

Other codes available upon request.

Product Features