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IV Administration Sets

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Common sets

Product variations

Component/ AspectOptions
Tube/ IV set length81″=205.74 cm
92″=233.68 cm
103″=261.62 cm
108″=274.32 cm
Tube ID & ODID=3 mm + OD=4.1 mm
Tube materialMedical PVC
SpikeVented with air filter
Vented with air filter & micro dripper
Drip chamber length50 mm
54 mm
62 mm
Double Chamber
Injection portLatex free Y injection port
Latex free Y injection port + thumb protector
Needleless connection site
Rubber port (flash bulb)
Filter0.2 micron filter
15 micron disk filter
5 micron filter
Drops/ml – gtts/ml or drop factorMacrodrip 10ml/min
Macrodrip 15ml/min
Macrodrip 20ml/min
Microdrip 60ml/min
Flow controllerRoller clamp with hanger
Regular roller clamp
Roller clamp with slide clamp
Roller clamp with pinch clamp
Roller clamp with safety
Priming Volume16 ml
19 ml
23 ml
Micro regulator5-250 ml/min
5-300 ml/min
Burette100 ml
150 ml
Male Luer ConnectorFixed

Product reference codes

Reference codeProduct name
00248IV Administration set Unvented (500 Pcs/Box)
00246IV Administration set with micro-drip for pediatric use ( 50 Pcs /Box)
00244IV Administration set Vented (500 Pcs/Box)
IB002IV Administration Set with Burette 100ml (50Pcs/Box)
IB003IV Administration Set with Burette 150ml (50Pcs/Box)
IR002 IV Administration Set with micro-regulator (250Pcs/Box)

Other codes are available upon request.

Product Features