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Q Medical Industries is an Egyptian – American Joint Venture specialized in manufacturing medical devices. Q Medical has 3 main Divisions: Class A products, General Disposables, and Catheters & Intervention. Through these divisions we manufacture state-of-art medical devices that adhere to the highest local, regional, and international certifications and quality standards.

Q Medical is distinguished by its co-founders, who are Physicians, Engineers, and Businessmen; providing us with a deep understanding of the market’s needs and requirements, and hence providing the best products available. Q Medical is the second generation of medical industries launched by our board, who have an experience of 20 years in medical and manufacturing fields.

We aim at targeting both local and international markets. This is achieved through capitalizing on our ever-growing network of agents and distributors in America, Europe, and Africa. We only deal on a B2B scale, allowing our partners to grow and penetrate markets using our products.

To be able to achieve this goal, we focus on two main pillars for our success: Quality and Pricing. Achieving a balance between both factors is the main objective of Q Medical’s strategy.

At Q Medical we focus on creating and expanding a long-term relationship with our partners (agents and distributors) both locally and globally. This is why we have separated our three lines of products to provide them with quick entrance to the market, with minimum registration complications in Class A products followed by general Disposables products, in addition to providing more specialized products such as Catheters and Interventional products that are highly profitable to our partners .

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